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Fidelity National Financial India
Leading captive center of world’s largest title insurance company, FNFIndia Inc.,

Fidelity National Financial India (FNFI) is a leading captive center of the world’s largest title insurance company; Fidelity National Financial is based in Bangalore, India. FNFI has been supporting title operations since 2005.


With a combination of industry expertise, best practices in the domain and knowledge of FNF’s proprietary applications and systems, along with state-of-the-art offshore processing center, the customers enjoy all the benefits of a global delivery outsourcing solution without the risks inherent in traditional third-party offshore BPO engagements. As we look back in time, FNFI today has been synonymous to excellence in service delivery and continuous improvements.

A wholly owned subsidiary of FNF Inc., US, FNFI has adopted a ‘non-linear’ engagement model since its inception in 2008; with the distinction of being the first captive in India that follows ‘non-linear’ model with profit-center approach. With an aspiration to add value our customers, we wanted to create a Business Model that would help our internal customers to overcome the constraints of fluctuations and seasonal variations. Hence we moved from an FTE based pricing to Transaction Based Pricing, whereby our customers would be obligated to remunerate only for the service they received. We have built-in efficiencies to sail over the tides of volume and business inconsistencies.

The company currently employs over 900 employees. FNFI currently caters to over 20% of total volume servicing for FNF Inc., US and provides a full spectrum of title, knowledge and technology services. FNFI has been growing with over 70% CAGR from the year 2008 onwards.

The range of services includes:

Title insurance operations: Being operational in a niche title insurance industry since 2008, FNFI, today supports title policy underwriting & engineering, plant & database management, and mortgage and tax services to 100 family customers covering 200 sub-processes.

Knowledge & Technology Verticals:Creation of Knowledge and Technology service verticals have enabled FNFI with an opportunity to widen the service offerings further and being positioned as a one stop value service provider for FNF corporate.

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