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Q: What are the advantages of outsourcing to an offshore vendor as compared with doing the work in-house?

A: The primary reason businesses outsource processes to an offshore vendor is expense-driven, as labor costs are considerably lower in countries such as India. On top of the  expense savings, some businesses are motivated to focus their time and talents on their core competencies, leading them to outsource non-core, back-office functions.  Another motivating factor faced by cyclical businesses is the need to convert fixed labor costs to a variable, transaction-based cost model afforded by the outsourcer, so  they can better manage fluctuations in order volume. Also, by offshoring time-sensitive functions, US-based businesses stand to benefit from quicker turnaround by  leveraging the time difference advantage – work channeled offshore at the end of a U.S. business day can be processed overnight and delivered back to the onshore team  when business commences the next day.

Q: What are the advantages of outsourcing to FNF India as compared with a third-party vendor?

A: As a ‘captive’ provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) services to FNF companies and the lenders they serves, FNF India has the ‘insider’ advantage when it comes to  knowledge, relationships, and system access.

The expression ‘been there, done that’ is a critical factor for FNF companies considering FNF India relative to third-party offshore vendors. FNF India’s established title and  mortgage domain knowledge accelerates the transition of work and enhances the quality of the work in production-mode. FNF India is a known entity, having solidified  relationships with partners across the FNF enterprise since forming in 2005. We know the FNF systems and have the network in place to speed set-up, including FNF India  user provisioning, minimize latency, and reduce the learning curve with respect to many of the applications used by our partners to process work orders.Time and again, FNF India has proven itself as the lower cost alternative and trusted partner based on proven quality, efficiency, controlled risk and the ability to scale in  response to our partners’ fluctuating order volume.

Q: Does FNF India interact with end consumers who are customers of FNF’s business clients?

A: No, FNF India has no contact with end consumers. FNF India performs strictly business-to-business functions, with interactions primarily with the business partners who  outsource BPO services to us. As well, FNF India is sometimes engaged in functions that require direct communications with contractors working on behalf of the business  partners, such as appraisers or property preservation companies.

Q: What is the relationship between FNF India and FNF?

A: FNF India is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial, Inc. (NYSE:FNF), a leading provider of title insurance, technology and transactions services to the real  estate and mortgage industries. FNF is the largest title insurance company in the U.S. through its wholly-owned underwriters – Fidelity National Title, Chicago Title,  Commonwealth Land Title and Alamo Title.

Mortgage technology solutions and transaction services, including MSP, the leading residential mortgage servicing technology platform in the U.S., are delivered through  FNF’s majority-owned subsidiaries, Black Knight Financial Services, LLC and ServiceLink Holdings, LLC. , both of which are FNF India-affiliated companies.

Q: What is the relationship between FNF India and Black Knight India?

A: FNF India and Black Knight India are affiliated companies.

FNF India is a wholly-owned subsidiary of FNF, and a provider of BPO services on behalf of all FNF companies, including Black Knight Financial Services and ServiceLink,  as well as the lenders they serve. FNF India operates out of Bangalore, India, and all administrative functions are managed onsite.

Black Knight India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Black Knight (majority-owned by FNF), and a provider of information technology (IT) outsourcing services on behalf of  Black Knight affiliates, i.e., Black Knight Financial Services and ServiceLink. Black Knight India operates out of Hyderabad, India, with managerial oversight of administrative  functions based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Q: What is the relationship between Fidelity National Financial (FNF) and Fidelity Investments?

A: There is no relationship whatsoever between Fidelity National Financial and Fidelity Investments. FNF’s domain is title and residential mortgages, whereas Fidelity  Investments is an investment firm. It just so happens that both companies are U.S.-based, and both FNF’s wholly-owned subsidiary, FNF India, and Fidelity Investments  have offshore operations located in Bangalore, India.

Q: How does FNF India price its BPO services?

A: FNF India’s pricing structure shifted from an FTE- to a transaction-based model in 2008 to ensure a return to business partners commensurate with the amount paid for  services rendered by FNF India. The variable cost-driven ‘productivity’ model is the standard, with exceptions. FTE-based pricing may be warranted, particularly in the early  stages of a new relationship in which FNF India has not yet developed a sense of the time and effort dimensions associated with the work.

Q: What is the average turn time to transition outsourcing to FNF India?

A: From the time the business decides to move forward with FNF India, the typical implementation runs 30-days for an existing relationship, and 60- to 90-days when  commencing a new business relationship.

Q: Where is FNF India located?

A: As a wholly-owned subsidiary of FNF, FNF India is based at corporate headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, with three production centers located 10 miles apart in Bangalore, India. Offices are located at:

  • Pritech SEZ Park, 11th Block, A Wing, Bellandur, Bangalore, India 560 103
  • 46P & 47P Electronic City Phase II, Bangalore, India - 560 100
  • Cessna Business Park, Kadubeesanahalli Village, Bangalore, India - 560 103

Q: What career opportunities are available at FNF India?

A: FNF India offers a wide range of job placement and career development opportunities to its 1,700 employees. Operational functions performed on behalf of our clients  include title and mortgage processing, title plant maintenance, finance and accounting, legal support, and technology services such as application development and  testing. Varying levels of skill are required depending on the function, from data entry and search / data mining, to document review / drafting, quality audits, research,  analysis, programming, testing, data interpretation, decisioning and more.

Job placement opportunities are also available in Bangalore-based administrative functions supporting FNF India operations, including Human Resources, Finance,  Facilities Management, Corporate Quality, Information Technology Systems and Management Information Systems.

Q: What is the time difference between India and US-based time zones?

A: India operates in a standard, universal time zone across the country, which does not adjust for daylight savings. India is 10-1/2 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Standard Time,  and 9-1/2 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Q: What are FNF India’s hours of operation?

A: FNF India operates two nine-hour shifts, each with a one-hour break, from 7AM to 4PM, and from 8PM to 5AM India time Monday through Friday, although schedules can  be adapted to meet the needs of our onshore partners.