FNF India interfaces with a wide variety of internal and third-party applications in the course of performing business process outsourcing services on our partners’ behalf.

FNF India Internally-developed Applications

FNF India is committed to creating incremental lift throughout the lifecycle of each partner engagement. Below are just a few of the applications internally developed by FNF India and integrated into our business processes to improve the efficiency and quality of service delivery.

Third-party Applications

FNF India interfaces with nearly 100 distinct third-party search engines and production platforms to perform business process outsourcing services across all of its domains.  This includes all Title Production systems across all FNF / Black Knight companies.  Familiarity with a broad range of applications and data repositories used by clients and prospects enables FNF India to transition new processes with unparalled speed.


Business Integration

End-to-end, FNF India is committed to delivering value-added solutions throughout the lifecycle of each partner engagement. Our goal is to give our partners something more than cost savings when they outsource services to FNF India. Quality, efficiency and risk factors are scrutinized during the discovery phase, and regularly during scheduled progress checks to optimize the value we’re able to bring to each relationship.

During the assessment of a new loan boarding set-up opportunity for a mortgage sub-servicer, FNF India offered a proprietary graphical user interface to shorten timeframes and reduce data entry errors.

For a lien release engagement, FNF India aided in forging direct relationships between the partner and data providers to obtain document images instead of going through title plants.

A partnership approach and business collaboration make it possible for FNF India to meet or exceed expectations with each engagement.