Title Services

Title plant and insurance operational excellence. One-stop service delivery.
Title Insurance Services

BPO Process Process Description
Policy Typing Provides a typed policy in the title production system
Title Commitments Full search reports along with typed commitments; report also includes taxes, vesting, encumbrances, California code of Regulations (CCR), easements and bankruptcy, and other variables
Tax Certification Provides comprehensive certificates of current status of taxes on a property
Commitment Typing Provides typed commitment based on search reports in the title production system
Claims Order entry and classification of claims for routing to the appropriate claim centers
Title Reports Owner & encumbrance reports & Guarantees
Updates Search from a prior effective date to the current effective date
Long Legal Typing Provides a typed Legal in a title production system
Legal & Vesting Provides legal and vesting information based on templates
Title Engineering Plots the property and associated easements & restrictions on a map with a legend that references the document
Appraisal & HUD Prep Sets up the appraisal vendors in the system, prepares HUD1 & HUD1A statements
Title Plant Services

BPO Process Process Description
Image Indexing Indexes and breaks up scanned batches into individual documents
Abstract Entry Abstracts the key information from the recorded document which includes
legal, extension, parcel, case & consideration amount, among other variables
Fallout Research Research to identify the correct legal & extension for documents that have not met the property
control validations
Locates Research to plot the property using the legal description of the sectional land; also includes
locating advanced property using ArcGIS
Property Control Maintenance of subdivision edits database
Title Production Coverage

From inception with title plant operations in 2005, FNF India quickly expanded both its business process outsourcing suite and its geographic coverage area. With respect to title production services, FNF India has extensive experience in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Washington, and continues to expand its footprint throughout the United States.

Residential Mortgage Services

Mortgage operations productivity lift. One-stop service delivery.
BPO Process Process Description
Originations Uniform Residential Loan Application 1003; HUD preparation/HUD1 settlement - prelim and revisions; borrower information management
Application Processing Document review and verification
Underwriting Title reviews; income verification reviews; Statement of Identity (SI) Clearance; appraisal reviews
Closing Document preparation; recording of mortgages
Post-closing Escrow audits and setups; document indexing
Loan Servicing Research; new loan setup; customer service; loan payoffs and demand letters; reconveyance of title; new loan boarding, insurance and tax line setup
Default Management Field Services property preservation hybrid updating & billing and inspection audits; default title search and type; bankruptcy/judgement recasting; claims prep; foreclosure referral prep; skip tracing
Loan Admin Lien release processing; ARM audits / plan setup; real estate tax information gathering; payoff processing; legal description abstraction

Application Development Management (ADM)

Technical proficiency. One-stop services delivery.

FNF India’s ADM team supports application development, support maintenance, Quality Assurance, data engineering and Infrastructure across the complete application lifecycle. These services are utilized by various FNF business units including Corporate IT, Property Insight, ServiceLink, FNF Canada and SoftPro.

Technology Development, Support and Maintenance Services

FNF India utilizes a diverse set of technologies supporting 24x7 applications, infrastructure and maintenance requirements. In collaboration with the client, FNF India proactively identifies and solves issues before they adversely impact operations. Tailored solutions allow onshore production managers to reduce time, risk and cost.

Quality Assurance Services

While development focuses on rapid iterations and releases of new applications and versioning, the Quality Assurance team is deployed to ensure all functional requirements are met. The team relies on automation to test processes and deliver flexible, scalable and reliable solutions that are defect-free. The team is up-to date on best quality assurance practices, striving to minimize test time while maximizing test coverage scenarios.

Data Engineering Services

FNF India receives data from multiple sources in multiple formats within diverse geographical markets. Significant time and effort is dedicated to consolidation and reconciliation of the data. In some cases, this means migrating data away from multiple legacy systems into a single database. In others, it could mean integrating multiple applications to generate a single consolidated report.

Infrastructure Services
The infrastructure team works relentlessly to ensure that all of FNF India’s networks and the servers hosting clients’ applications are available 24X7. Our infrastructure team uses holistic remote management tools like SCOM to monitor network activity and server availability. We provide consulting and implementation services, security services and technical support whenever and wherever the need arises.

Marketing Services

The Marketing Services team is equipped to develop marketing collateral and manage eDesk and other Graphic/Web design projects. The team is also capable of administering Web-based content initiatives with working knowledge of WCMS, WordPress, Drupal and Percussion CMS.

Development Services Data Services QA Services IT Infrastructure
Application Integration Migration/Support Legacy Application Automation/Manual Testing

Software Configuration Management (SCM)
Application Development:TRAX, PAS, OMS Migration Services: Crystal Reports, SSRS Performance Testing
Fusion Development(.NET) Data Mining: SSAS, MDX, DMX Web Service Testing
FNF Corp ESB Service Link ESB

BI/DWHS Build QA Process for Next Ace
Customers: FNF Corporate, Property Insight, SoftPro, FRS, FNF Canada, ServiceLink
Technology Stack: .NET, Java/J2EE, JQuery, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, WESB, QTP, RFT, LoadRunner, MDX

Finance & Accounting Services

Specialized skill set. One-stop service delivery.

BPO Process Process Description
Sales & Use Tax

Premium Tax
Property Tax
Accounts Payable
Preparation and filing of the monthly Sales & Use Tax returns for
FNF, FIS & ServiceLink
Preparation and filing of the Premium Tax returns for all FNF companies
Preparation and filing of the Property Tax returns for all FNF and FIS companies
Processing of corporate accounting invoices into Oracle Financial

Legal Support Services

Legal knowledge, analysis and documentation. One-stop service delivery.

Legal Support Services Process Description
Contract Management Review contracts and abstract relevant attributes for compliance and performance tracking
eDiscovery Execute email archive searches