Mission Statement

The mission of FNF India is to augment the US-based workforce with best-in-class outsourcing services delivered via cost-effective execution and with a full complement of quality controls.

How do we accomplish this?

  • We leverage FNF's financial backing and substantial corporate resources.
  • We recruit educated employees with title and mortgage domain knowledge.
  • We place recruits through comprehensive industry and process training.
  • We cross-train staff on title and mortgage processes via job placement rotations.

  • We retain talent with a strong corporate culture that values entrepreneurship.
  • We scale with a labor supply ready to deploy to meet fluctuating transaction volume.
  • We develop automated solutions to enhance the efficiency of services rendered.
  • We maintain rigorous physical and information security controls and certifications.

Company Profile

FNF India Private Limited (Formerly known as FNF Business Process Outsourcing Services India Private Limited). FNF India was established in Bangalore, India in 2005 as a business process outsourcer working on behalf of US-based title plant operations controlled by FNF (Property Insight). FNF held a 50% stake in the business until 2008, when it took full control and expanded the focus to include title production for FNF's national lender platform ('ServiceLink') and FNF's Centralized Processing Facilities (CPF).

Beginning in 2010, FNF India expanded its title production footprint with a nationwide focus. At the same time it broadened the skill set of its employee base, while taking on corporate functions for FNF as well as application development and support.

The next stepping stone came in 2013 with the addition of Legal support services and the expansion into a second Bangalore-based facility with capacity to handle planned future growth.

FNF India’s evolution tracks with FNF’s growth path. FNF’s acquisition of Lender Processing Services (LPS) in 2014 fueled the expansion of FNF India’s processing capabilities in mortgage services on behalf of Black Knight, ServiceLink and their lender clients. FNF India now supports the gamut of mortgage functions from originations to application processing, underwriting and closing, to escrow set-up, servicing, default management and loan administration.

FNF India has a 2,500+ workforce and continues to grow with three Bangalore-based locations. The organization is building its national direct and agency business while deepening relationships with proven title and mortgage domain knowledge and superior service execution.


FNF India has built its coveted reputation in large part by adopting a flexible business model and developing a motivated team with a diversified skill set to meet the evolving needs of the client base.
Flexibility is built into the fabric of FNF India's culture. Our team quickly engages from the time a business partner is ready to transition work offshore. Our transition model is fluid, responsive to the unique requirements of our onshore partners, and cost effective. We free our partners of the burden of upfront time and costs with a trained team ready to deploy, with technical capabilities that can be leveraged to automate workflow, with MPLS point-to-point network connectivity to speed throughput and minimize latency, and with user provisioning typically administered internally by FNF India.


What's more, our partners benefit from the option of a productivity-based transactional pricing model, and in every case, at very competitive rates. As many as two-thirds of FNF India's staff are cross-trained to process more than two service types on behalf of our business partners. With a high degree of accuracy and speed, FNF India covers the gamut from data entry and search, to data mining, document review / drafting / indexing / hyperlinking, title engineering, quality audits, research, analysis, data interpretation, decisioning and more.

Business Partners

FNF India built its foundation as a captive center doing business on behalf of FNF-affiliated companies. Value is delivered as a low-cost alternative to third-party outsourcers based on proven quality, efficiency and risk controls. Together, we collaborate in planning, decision-making, and the pursuit of agreed-upon goals.

Click on the logos of our internal partners to learn more about their businesses, and by extension, ours.

As FNF India has matured with scale to build upon a global services delivery model, we have begun to forge trusted relationships working with mortgage lenders directly, on one-time projects and recurring process needs.


All FNF India functions, including business enablers such as Human Resources, Facilities, Finance and IT, are managed internally with direct managerial oversight by FNF India's CEO.


FNF Senior Vice President and FNF India CEO

Andy is based out of Jacksonville, Florida. Andy's responsibilities include executive management of the 2,500+ employees with FNF India, ensuring that the delivery capacity in India. MORE



Associate Vice President / IT Infrastructure

Based in southern California, David manages global IT systems and infrastructure as liaison between onshore and FNF India teams. MORE



Vice President of FNF

George is responsible for FNF India’s business operations, based in Bangalore. He was previously located at FNF’s corporate headquarters in Jacksonville. MORE



Vice President - FNF India National Direct
and Agency Sales

Lisa works with FNF Direct Operations as well as Title Agents affiliated with the Fidelity family to leverage offshore resources as a means of reducing expenses while maintaining service quality. MORE



V.P., Senior Counsel
Lender Strategy & Development

Paul is responsible for negotiating and managing Fidelity National Title Group's client facing contracts as well as facilitating documented compliance of legal, regulatory. MORE



Vice President of FNF India

Satish manages FNF India's Application Development service offerings. He is an experienced professional in delivery, program and people management. MORE



Vice President of FNF India

Shashi oversees FNF India’s business development initiatives, and is based in Jacksonville. He previously managed FNF India’s business operations from Bangalore. Shashi joined FNF India in 2005. MORE





Our greatest asset is found in FNF India's 2,500+ dedicated employees, all college-educated, all English-speaking, and all driven to exceed our business partners' expectations. We value their contribution, and the feedback they share annually – on our culture, our leadership, and the business enablers that are intended to create a win-win for our employees and our business partners.

The Great Place To Work Trust Index Employee Survey is the world's most widely used framework to understand employee perceptions across 56 core variables, with positive ratings known to drive productivity, innovation and costs, among other outcomes. FNF India's Trust Index continues to trend positively each year, and most recently recorded a 7 percentage point improvement, with a record 78% score.



Training, professional development, and team building activities are critical success factors at FNF India. A variety of formalized programs are in place to build employees' skill set, domain knowledge, leadership potential, and sense of camaraderie & collaboration.

Paul is responsible for negotiating and managing Fidelity National Title Group's client facing contracts as well as facilitating documented compliance of legal, regulatory and contractual obligations in coordination with lender clients. In his current role since 2013, Paul has been with the FNF family of companies since 1995 and has served in various roles including: Vice President, Global Title Production Quality Management where he spent two years at FNF's India subsidiary; General Counsel of the ServiceLink division; Senior Underwriting Counsel on FNTG's Chief Underwriting Counsel's staff; and Commercial Underwriting Counsel with the FNTG National Business Unit. Paul has worked in the title insurance industry since 1985 and previously was in a private law practice specializing in real estate matters. Paul is a member of The Florida Bar and a graduate of Florida State University College of Law.
Andy is based out of Jacksonville, Florida. Andy's responsibilities include executive management of the 2,500+ employees with FNF India, ensuring that the delivery capacity in India continues to expand with FNF's business requirements and that FNF India's portfolio of services continues to enhance FNF's competitiveness. Prior assignments include Vice President of Global Services for Fidelity Information Services (FIS) where Andy pioneered the global sourcing services division for FIS including the development of their information technology services outsourcing engagement model. Andy has over 25 years of progressive experience in the Financial Services, Insurance and Telecommunication industries and has successfully led end-to-end transactional and transformational programs for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Andy holds a Management degree in Business Management from Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia.
Ajit oversees Application Development Management in Bangalore. In addition, he directs activities aligned to the organization's business strategy, manages customer relationships, and tracks the financial health of the Technology Services business unit. Ajit has over 14 years of progressive experience in the Telecom, Lending and Financial Services industries and has successfully adapted innovative methodologies that leverage waterfall and agile models. Previously, Ajit managed a portfolio of development projects, ensuring they were completed on time and within budget. Ajit worked for 7 years in the U.S. as a management consultant with Computer Sciences Corporation, refining business solutions across a customer base in the Financial Services industry. Ajit graduated from the National Institute of Technology, Trichy, India as an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, and holds a Postgraduate degree in Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.
Azhar manages Agency operations in Bangalore. He brings nine years of experience in service delivery to the Title industry and has extensive experience in various aspects of operations, transitions and people management. Advancing in various positions since joining FNF India in 2006, Azhar played a pivotal role in transitioning Field Services Property Preservation and various loan origination/Title processes to FNF India during the merger of Lender Processing and LSI. He was also instrumental in building support for ServiceLink’s offshored title business, ensuring a seamless transition to controlled production. Azhar holds a Master’s Degree in Science from Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University.
CK manages a business operations team and service delivery in Bangalore with a focus on the technical, sales and service aspects of the business. CK joined FNF India in 2007, and has been instrumental in transitioning new business, and setting up and streamlining processes with robust quality controls. Enthusiastic, customer-focused, business-oriented and data centric, CK oversees the Title Plant and Black Knight operational processes at FNF India. CK launched his 14-year career as a corporate Sales Team Lead at Airtel, and then developed his technical experience in Tech Support with IGATE and CLI3L. CK received a commerce degree from Chhattisgarh University.
Based in Pensacola, Florida, Christy serves as liaison between onshore and FNF India teams, managing the transition of new projects to FNF India with a primary focus on ServiceLink business opportunities. Following a 14-year career in commercial banking as an analyst, lender, credit manager, corporate administrator and regional sales manager with First Florida Bank and Barnett Banks, Inc., Christy came to Lender Processing Services in 1998. At LPS, she assumed numerous roles including business strategy analyst, account manager, product manager, project manager, communications/sales support manager, and business unit administrator. Prior to joining FNF India, Christy led the project to migrate Field Services processes to FNF India on behalf of LPS Default Services. Christy holds a B.A. degree in Social Work from St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana, and an MBA/Finance degree from The Florida State University in Tallahassee.
Based in southern California, David manages global IT systems and infrastructure as liaison between onshore and FNF India teams. David became interested in computers during high school and went on to start a small business during college with a friend building and selling PCs. This practical experience led him to a paid internship at UCLA where he received technical training and developed his IT and customer service skills. David worked for a consulting firm where he was first introduced to FNF. FNF was the firm's largest client and David supported almost every FNF family office in the southern California area. During this time, he developed a deep understanding of all of FNF's applications and IT infrastructure. FNF then brought David on as a member of the corporate IT staff where he has been working for the past ten years. David studied at Santa Monica College and UCLA, and spent nine years in the US Army Reserve as a member of the shooting team
Based out of Jacksonville, Jijosh manages the Application Development Initiatives for FNF India. He has a track record of successfully managing offshore engagement models. Jijosh has more than 14 years of experience in Corporate Management, Offshore Management, and Technology and Strategy Delivery Models. He has been with the FNF group of companies since 2006 and has set up and integrated various offshore teams into the corporate strategy. Prior to his current position, Jijosh managed Technology Operations for Black Knight Financial Services. He has assumed roles in Pre-sales, Project management, Business Analysis and Operations Management. Jijosh holds a MBA degree in Systems and Marketing from Loyola Institute of Business Administration in Chennai, and a Master’s Degree in Technology from IIIT-Bangalore. .
George is responsible for FNF India’s business operations, based in Bangalore.  He was previously located at FNF’s corporate headquarters in Jacksonville.  In this role, George provides operational, project management and strategic leadership to the 2,300+ workforce. Previously, George managed Business Transformation, Transition, Quality, Training and Operations at FNF India and was instrumental in establishing FNF India as the global center of excellence for FNF. Prior to joining FNF India, George assumed strategic roles with Hewlett Packard and Ocwen in the consulting, investment banking, mortgage & financial services industries. George holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Management from Mangalore University, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Management from Annamalai University, and an Executive Management Degree from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.
Guru manages business operations and service delivery in Bangalore, overseeing all title operations and default management processes on behalf of ServiceLink. Guru has worked in the global business outsourcing industry for 16+ years. Prior to joining FNF India in 2015, Guru worked with Ocwen, First American, MetLife and Tata Consultancy Services, specializing in Originations and Servicing in the US residential mortgage domain. Guru has successfully transitioned and managed multiple projects of varying degrees of complexity and was instrumental in training Ocwen’s new hires on mortgage underwriting. Guru holds a post-graduate degree in Commerce.
As manager of Legal Support in Bangalore, Gautami manages a team of experienced lawyers supporting FNF's in-house Litigation services. The group handles drafting of Recoupment and Clearance Center cases for New York, California, Texas and Georgia law offices, and legal document reviews across all law offices nationwide. In this role, she also oversees legal support of FNF's Omaha Clearance Center. Previously, Gautami managed India-based legal departments for Ocwen and Homeward Residential, overseeing Licensing, Contract Management, Legal Research, and Compliance and Regulatory functions. Gautami holds an LL. B. Degree from Bangalore University.
Prashanth manages the Finance team in Bangalore. In this financial management role since 2010, Prashanth has overall responsibilities for Accounting, Financial Reporting, Taxation, Financial Planning & Strategies, and tracking the financial health of the overall organization. Prashanth has over 17 years of progressive experience across various industries including a call center, business process outsourcing, retail, business, manufacturing and aviation. Prashanth holds a Commerce & Accountancy degree from Bangalore University and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and the Institute of Costs & Works Accountants of India (ICWA).

Rajeev manages a business operations and service delivery team in Bangalore, with oversight of Mortgage Service and Knowledge-based operations. Rajeev came to FNF India with over 17 years’ experience in global business process outsourcing. Previously, he was employed by GE Capital, HCL, and Zenta with specialties in Mortgage, Title Operations, Credit Cards, Card / Insurance / Mortgage collections. Rajeev has transitioned the offshoring of business operations from the U.S, United Kingdom and Australia. He has also served as a Business Consultant. Rajeev holds a Science degree from Magadh University and an MBA in Marketing & Finance degree from CV Raman University.

Sam manages a business operations team and service delivery in Bangalore. Sam is responsible for operations supporting all Centralized Processing Facilities (CPFs). He also manages a variety of projects, and works closely with the Quality team to transition knowledge and learning and provide quality assurance. Joining FNF India in 2006, Sam has 12 years of experience in Accounting, Auditing and Title Insurance. Previously, he worked with John, Joseph and Mathew Chartered Accountants where he performed audits of major banks including Canara Bank, State Bank of Travancore, and Union Bank of India in New Delhi and Bangalore. Sam holds a Bachelor degree in Commerce from Bangalore University.
Shashi oversees FNF India’s business development initiatives, and is based in Jacksonville.  He previously managed FNF India’s business operations from Bangalore.  Shashi joined FNF India in 2005 and was instrumental in the expansion of the team from 20 to 2,300+ employees.  With a commitment to delivering the highest quality solutions and maximizing value to every client, Shashi has been a driving force behind the company’s significant growth. For more than 13 years, Shashi has been applying his various talents in the Title and Mortgage domains. He started with Indecomm Global Services before setting up mortgage and title operations at iGATE Global Solutions. Shashi received a Commerce degree from CGU – Chattishgarh University and an MBA specialized in Marketing and Finance from Dr. CV Raman University.
Lisa works with FNF Direct Operations as well as Title Agents affiliated with the Fidelity family to leverage offshore resources as a means of reducing expenses while maintaining service quality. With 28 years of experience in Title Operations, Lisa has managed production centers, conducted commercial and residential exams, and provided training onsite to the FNF India team in Bangalore. Previously, Lisa audited title departments nationwide for FNF’s Corporate Title Audit Department to ensure compliance with best practices, corporate standards and underwriting guidelines. Lisa has also worked on title plant initiatives, including the Florida Plant Expansion Plan committee. Lisa attended the University of Cincinnati and majored in Economics.
Vaman manages IT systems and infrastructure on multi-platform environments for the Bangalore-based operations, including networking and information security. Vaman has over 17 years of experience in IT operations spanning Information Security, System/ Network Administration, and Training and Development. Previously, Vaman was Senior Information Security Manager at Indecomm Global Services in Bangalore where he headed Compliance, implemented Information Security controls, and certified the organization for ISO27001:2005, ISO 20000-1, ISO 9001:2008 and SSAE 16 compliance. Vaman holds a degree in Information Technology from Kuvempu University, Karnataka, India.
Aditi is a former Army officer from the Army Service Corps, a logistics arm of the Indian Armed forces, and served with the forces in two wars - Operation Kargil and Operation Parakaram. Born and raised in a Defense environment, and married into a family of Forces having proudly served the nation for generations, Aditi brings more than 17 years of military and corporate experience to FNF India. Aditi has headed Facilities & Infrastructure for Tesco, CNX, FNF, Accenture, GE and Vertex, and has trained in fire-fighting and training and development with Usha Armor Pvt. Her main areas of expertise and responsibility include Logistics & Administration, Transport, Security, Risk, Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Management, Sourcing & Procurement, Real Estate, and Environment, Health & Safety. She is a recipient of many awards during her corporate tenure, including Veteran-in-Professionalism, High Flyers, Pillars of Support, and 'Leader for handling critical situations from the front'. With an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Bangalore, Aditi is also a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt. In addition, she is an Internal Auditor; a certified Project Management Professional (PMP); and certified on the Fundamentals of Ergonomics and its Applications. Aditi is currently pursuing her post-graduate diploma in Human Rights, with strong advocacy directed towards anti-corruption, women's empowerment, and child and women safety issues.
Overall Satish comes with 24 years of multi-industry experience. Prior to joining FNF India, Satish was employed with one of the leading IT services companies in India. During his tenure, he played a key role in establishing the Insurance vertical, while working in the capacity of Delivery Head and Practice Head. He has also worked on IT solutions for major insurers across the USA, Europe, South Africa, and Asian-Pacific region. As head of pre-sales in his last role, Satish was responsible for crafting winning solutions for custom applications, Oracle and SAP. Prior to gaining IT industry experience, Satish worked with consulting and manufacturing companies. Born and raised in Pune, Satish is a science graduate from University of Pune with a specialization in Statistics.
Sharath's areas of expertise include Delivery / Customer Management, Project / Product Management, Technical Services, and Vendor Management. Sharath is passionate about combining innovation with automation, and enabling the business to advance through technology. Sharath came to FNF India with a career span of 17+ years working with CGI, First American Corporation, CoreLogic, Cognizant and two startup firms in both a technical and functional capacity. Complementing his technical proficiency in Agile SCRUM, CMM, ISO and Six Sigma processes, Sharath is business-focused, with domain knowledge in title insurance, as well as real estate and mortgage processes. He has implemented best practices, provided business / technical solutions, built strong teams, and created successful onsite/ offshore models. Sharath completed his Bachelor of Technology from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU Campus) and Post-graduate degree in Business Management from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS). He is a certified PMP and SCRUM Master.
Anil is the Chief Human Resource Officer at FNF India in Bangalore, and is accountable for driving the end-to-end agenda for all personnel. Anil comes with 19+ years of HR experience across various sectors. He worked with Just Dial, Tesco, Denso, Patni Computer Systems, Enercon and the Oberoi Group of hotels and resorts before joining the FNF India team. Anil is a regular speaker at NASSCOM, NHRD Network, CLO Summit and other leading professional institutions. He is the recipient of the “World’s 100 most talented HR professionals 2015” awarded by World HRD Congress. With a post-graduate degree in Human Resource Management, Anil is passionate about people themes including Organisation building, Talent Transformation, Performance Management, HR analytics and engaging with new-age talent.